At Six Eighty Cellars, many of our winemaking vessels are a departure from the stainless steel and oak traditionally seen in our region. We are using old world, traditional style amphorae that enhance the natural characteristics of the grapes. From Italy we have imported a Terracotta Cigar, Cocciopesto Opus, five clay Clayvers and a concrete Tulip. Three Vin et Terre Sandstone vessels in jarre and egg form originated in France.

the unexpected

Experience varieties uncommon to the Finger Lakes region, including Pinot Meunier, Grüner Veltliner and Chenin Blanc, with planting of Gamay coming in the Spring of 2022. At Six Eighty Cellars, we also grow varieties more common to the region, but made in unexpected styles; enjoy Merlot in a Pétillant Naturel style, Riesling that was wild fermented in a French sandstone egg and semi-carbonic Cabernet Franc aged in Cocciopesto. Explore the unique grapes and wines we have to offer, and learn something unexpected.

pure flavor,
pure adventure

The flavors we create at Six Eighty Cellars are the purest expressions of the fruit. Our minimal intervention approach to winemaking is just the beginning of the adventure. Take a walk up the dramatic slope through our vineyards and experience our vision.